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What’s the Story, People from Agency?

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Like how I can never explain what a poet/writer does at work, I can’t preach enough the importance of giving every campaign a STORY.

Okay, the term ‘story’ may sound a tad daunting; how about, gimmick, PR angle, brand ID or UX? A brilliant tagline, a theme of an event, a fun app game for the launch of a loyalty programme… whatever you envisage, is a story created by us the agency people for our client (after 46 rounds of amendments *cough*).

And story here is not only about a bit of wit or plots. It can be the tone and manner of your social media posts, consistent use of a motif in your artworks, setup of an annual event, or even the uniform colour of your frontline staff – surprising? Yeah.

Researchers say our attention span is now closer to that of Dory. In this era of screentertainment explosion and scroll life, you need something to impress your customers within just seconds (and drive sales, hopefully) – and that’s where call for a story.

Plus, you can always go read an instruction guide if you like boring things.

A story makes your campaign more easily spotted, but whether it’s spot on is another story (no pun intended). However simple it may seem, behind every story there are tonnes of work to be done to make it successful – relevant even – from systematic, structured market research and analysis, to the selection of suitable tactics and blast platforms. Nobody said it was easy~♫

I hear you. While there’s no shortcut for success (of a story), you can be in the know of all trends, current affairs and the culture/values of the target audience. No storyteller knows no story, yeah?

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