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Marco’s 147, Hong Kong’s 147

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

They say “scores don’t matter”, but Marco Fu’s 147 maximum break crafted in the Hong Kong Masters 2022 Semi-final does matter. A lot.

During the deciding frame of the first international sporting event since pandemic in Hong Kong, local favourite Marco Fu fired in the tournament’s first and only 147 run and secured his pass to the Final.

The entire Hong Kong, every heart, every soul, lighted up right at that exact moment. Literally.

It’s not about the maximum break – of course it’s precious, being only the 180th max break in snooker history – this 147 has so many more meanings and influence.

The Perfect Score, The Perfect Spirit

By definition, a maximum break (a one-four-seven) is the highest possible break in a single frame of snooker. This is unique among all sports – actually, NO SPORT has a ‘perfect score’ (vs point-based) scoring system to beat your opponent (there’s no draw or tie) except snooker.

Striking this fifth 147 in his career, Marco didn’t only make himself proud, by regaining parity twice after losing 1:3 in the mid-session then winning over his opponent in the decider with an “impossible” 147, all after a two-year career hiatus due to an eye illness and not even a century break in his past 10-ish matches. He made every snooker player, every athlete and sports lover, every local, every spectator proud.

Isn’t it what WE ALL NEED NOW, after a traumatic three-year pandemic?

Hong Kong, Perfect for More Sporting Events

Governments and stakeholders are talking about what would bring us back to ‘normal’, will it be a show or concert, a whatever summit meeting with a fancy agenda, a happy-go-lucky dine and wine carnival, or, as what’s in Yello’s mind, an inspiring, motivational and uplifting sporting event?

The answer is so obvious after Marco’s 147. As I’ve just said, it’s not about the maximum break. It’s about the NEVER GIVE UP spirit.

We in Hong Kong are lucky to have Marco – and a group of passionate stakeholders in the sports industry. The 147 saved us, yes you read it right, it did save Hong Kong, when we all kind of lost hope and passion for life.

Through this 147 from the Hong Kong Masters 2022, we got not only a boost in mood and a trending topic, but a way out from the lethargic ‘survival mode’ way of living.

All the attention on the internet has already showed us that the inspiration from Marco improved the vibe and energy of an entire city and industry. The public raving about how proud they are of our home hero; the elites praising about the performance and spirit of their counterpart; the media writing about how unbelievable was the vibe in the stadium and how the Hong Kong Masters setting a new benchmark in professionalism for the snooker industry.

It shows that Hong Kong has the perfect capacity and capability in hosting a perfect international sporting events and we should keep doing it.

Just exactly what Yello has been believing in.

This is Marco’s 147. This is Hong Kong’s 147!

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