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10 Post-Coronavirus Era Predictions in Sports Marketing

While the world is still tackling covid-19, precautious changes are already on their way in the sports scene. So what else will happen? Here are my 10 predictions in the post-Covid-19 sports marketing field:

  1. TV and Online viewership will gain more weight than ticket sales.

  2. Only half of the seats will be available for sales for world-class events, including the World Cup and Olympics.

  3. Higher ratio of closed door tournaments will be organised.

  4. More 3D match viewing options and gadgets will be developed with 5G technology as foundation.

  5. Real identity will be required for all spectators as a community outbreak precaution.

  6. 14-day quarantine in host countries will become mandatory for any international visiting teams/athletes for international games.

  7. No more handshake or jersey exchange after match.

  8. Breathable, comfortable to wear, secure and virus filtering masks will be developed for athletes of physical contact sports, such as rugby, boxing, basketball and football. And, yes, they will need to wear it during training or playing. Sports brands may produce high-performance sports masks as one of their hero products.

  9. Providing sufficient disinfectant throughout the venue will be a mandatory requirement for event organiser.

  10. A “sterilisation passage”, created by, for example, installing disinfecting and/or purifying machines at the entrances, before baggage check, will become a norm for stadiums or major sports venues.

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