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Welcome Back, Hong Kong Major Sports Events!

Covid-related inbound travel restrictions are eased and large-scale sporting events in Hong Kong are getting off to a flying start like how we are resuming our life on board.

Run, Kongers, Run!

After all the dramas, the dust so far settled for this largest marathon race in Hong Kong. The 25th Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon will be held on 12 FEB with the participant quota increased from 25,000 to 37,000 (as of DEC 2022). For those who’ve already registered, do keep an eye on your email inbox for notifications!

Not Too Soon for a Tournament-cum-Carnival

World’s top teams, adrenaline-rush play, exhilarating vibe off the pitch, cheers from cosplayed audiences, music and fireworks… what’s not to love for Hong Kong Sevens? Just held in NOV 2022 due to the pandemic, the 2023 edition may seem returning sooner than expected but we are sure there won’t be a problem for the locals and tourists to enjoy yet another fun-filled weekend at the Hong Kong Stadium. With restrictions slowly chipped away, we are hoping for an even better three-day experience between 31 MAR and 2 APR!

Ride On the Back of Modern Nobility

Many may have overlooked the charm and professionalism of this sport; fact is horse racing, dubbed as the ‘Sport of Kings’ for its popularity among the royalty of British society, has a long and distinguished history being one of the Greek Olympics events dated back to 648 BC. With globally important G1 events the like of BMW Hong Kong Derby (19 MAR) and FWD Champions Day (30 APR) to be hosted again this spring, the Hong Kong public has the best opportunity to experience the world-class international action, thrill of intense live racing and audience cheering, warrior spirit of elite athletes (both the jockeys and racehorses), the party vibe of on-course performances, and to understand horse racing as a sport from a new angle in a new year.

And how legit it will be to celebrate CNY (or to escape from sheer disorganisation caused by the no-travel five-day break) with a have-it-all event? From traditional lion dance, Instagrammable cherry blossom display, performance by diva Joey Yung to delectable CNY-themed dishes, you just don’t have to be barely into punting to join the crowd with the CNY Raceday on 24 JAN.

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