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A Print Book, Old But Gold

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

It's not that no one reads books. It's no one really writes nice things then publish it as a book - without a promised monetary return or ROI.

Okay, that's fine. We know it sounds old-fashioned, or kinda remote for a sports marketing agency to publish a book. But we just do it because, the end of the day, you do what you BELIEVE IN. Then, it's all up to luck or destiny or whatever if it gets people's attention, or 'goes viral', so to speak.

Publishing the autobiography-cum-storybook for Coach Li Ching, the first person in Hong Kong history who've bagged an Olympic medal both as a player and a coach in a sport, is an Yello initiative. From the idea, content strategy, design and writing, liaison with publishers, overall quality control to event and promotions, the Yello Crew have given lots of TLC to this baby (planned, obviously).

Passion is Our Business, and there's one great person who strives for excellence in one single sport in the past 40 years - 'nuff said?

I'm the writer of the book, but, after more than 20 weekly interviews and countless rounds of comments-then-fine-tuning, it's hard even for me to describe how passionate and keen Coach Li Ching in real life is in sharing what he learnt as an athlete and still learning as a coach with everyone, particularly the younger generation, as tips of handling life challenges or "hanging in there", especially during this pandemic.

Coach Li's dedication and persistence is just, old but gold, and, rare in this Fast, Good, Cheap digital era.

From where do you get your knowledge in daily life? Your family and friends who chat through Whatsapp/Signal/whatever? Those online media's posts and TikTok clips? Your fav forums or group chats, huh?

How about reading a book, which is painstakingly designed to be soooo easy and fun to read with its 2-page short stories, over 100 inspirational quotes, cool TMIs and fun behind snippets, for some proven life hacks and mighty spirit?

見到幸福要夠膽攞, it's your call.

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