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Yello is 15 Years Old Today!

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

#Y15 Finally it's the big reveal! 🎊 To celebrate our 15th anniversary (19 March), the #YelloCrew have designed a #Yello15 logo, adding to the brand-new secondary palette of company colour that syncs with Yello spirit and philosophy. And now they are talking about the optical illusion of the special edition logo - so did you see a floating '1' or '5'?

Yello was founded on 19 March 2008 to introduce to the sports industry project management and crisis management practices prevailing in the IT industry, as well as elements that enhance user experience and customer journey, so that every stakeholder would enjoy sports and active lifestyle from each and every #YelloEvent #YelloPR project and campaign. Looking forward, we hope to continue to rejuvenate and revitalise all SPORTS initiatives with passion and finesse like Day 1.

Orange: Creative but Pragmatic

Sapphire: Strategic & Insightful

Last but not least, there will be a series of Y15 contents on our official Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Youtube. So stay tuned!

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