In Yello, Passion is our business


Passion is our biggest drive to success, as well as our ultimate motivation and attitude to strive for perfection at all times. We see every opportunity we come across as an inspiration to be our better self. We deliver convincing results to our clients with wholehearted presentations. We believe passion can only be built from within the team. Therefore, we recruit only enthusiasts who truly believe in what we do and live our legacy.


Yello consistently upholds the highest moral and operational standards in the work place, leading by example to maintain the best in business and ethical principles. Thanks to our international Project Management Professional (PMP) standards and a natural thirst for knowledge, we guarantee our clients the most streamlined, risk-free solution. Our experience in crisis management is rarely required but essential to maintaining positive and composed face during these critical times. These high standards don't just stop with clients, we also empower our internal staff with the best working environment and culture, ensuring everyone consistently delivers their best quality work.

Best practices in Yello
Yello is charity friendly


Yello is a Caring Company awarded by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. We dedicate our time beyond clients' business needs to participate in charity and community projects. We believe an active and healthy lifestyle is a source of happiness for everyone. We would like to inspire the underprivileged and the unsupported with our true passion and our best practices through what we do and what we believe in.