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Unlock the sports potentials in your kids’ genes!
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Every individual is unique. We believe fundamental movement skills serve as an important factor towards children motor development, hence, allowing them to enjoy a wide variety of activities and sports. Our ambition is to unlock the hidden sporting potential through development of body movement skills.


All human beings share one common item which is found in every person’s genes, called ‘Mitochondria’ (Mito), or the ‘power house’.  ‘Mito’ is a molecule that every cell uses as a source of energy to maintain its function. Energy supplied from the ‘power house’ allows the cell to ‘unfold’ the undeveloped DNA. During the important early phases of learning and development, unfolding the hidden DNA is the key to movement skills development. We believe every individual has the inner ‘power’ to unfold and develop the necessary skills needed to master the development skills.

  • Stability Skills:
    For example, turning, twisting, and transferring weight


  • Locomotor Skills:
    For example, running, leaping, jumping and sliding


  • Object Control Skills: Propulsive skills & Receptive skills
    For example, throwing, kicking, dribbling a ball


Being able to adopt early fundamental movement skills could lead to sport-specific and complex movement skills development.  Adoption of game sense is to maintain high motivation and focus on the skills required with the associated sports. A combination of fundamental movement skills (FMS) and game sense will enable improvement of mastery performance and strategies in sports, games and many activities.

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